Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Most Excellent Dog House

Here's another one of nephew Jordan's projects.

A house for Harry.

Since we fenced the back yard last year, Harry can't get onto the back porch, which he liked to do when it rained.  All winter we've had his bed right by the front door, which I really didn't like.  Who wants a huge, dirty, stinky, dog bed right by their front door?  And when the wind blows just right, he gets wet anyway.  We thought he needed a place to go during inclement weather and not have him banished out to the barn or mower shed.

So, now he has approximately 64 cubic feet, 16 square feet of cedar sided, tin roofed living space.

A flap in the front and back lift up for ventilation.  The inner walls are particle board wrapped in Tyvec.  The floor is a pallet, which is nice because Tom can use the hay fork on his tractor to move the house.  For the roof, he used tin left over from other projects.

What is really cool about this house is the siding.  Tom had to cut down a big cedar tree a couple of years ago and it was left out in the field all this time.  We have a friend that has built himself a saw mill, so Jordan took the tree over to our friend's place and they milled it into planks.  Jordan used those planks as siding for the house.

I painted the house with a clear polyurethane sealer to help preserve the wood.


April said...

This is just way to cool! Next time I come up..I'm packing Jordan into my car to come home with me to do all the little projects around the house that I need done! I know, I know..I'll have to fight you for him..I'm up for that..LOL

Is Harry using it?
Tell Jordan he did a great job!!

Mosaics said...

We wondered if Harry would use it, but he was actually in it the other day when we arrived home from church. Jordan said, "It does my heart good to see him using his house."