Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tomorrow Is THE Day

OK, tomorrow is the day that we've been working towards for two months now.  Wow, it went fast.

My biggest anxiety has been the cake.

It is frosted and safely stowed away in the refrigerator.  Everything turned out straight and I managed to put them together without breaking any layers.  Whew!  Big and scary.  I didn't go grocery shopping or feed Tom all week because I knew I had to make room for this behemoth. 

Tomorrow I'll take them to the site and put them together.

Everything else is ready and waiting to be set up.

Rehearsal dinner tonight at our favorite restaurant...Indian food.  Yay!


Meagan said...

All that cleaning out the fridge, and you didn't get rid of those Smokies from 2010?? Don't feed that yogurt to Liam, it's gone bad.

Looks very straight in there!

Mosaics said...

Those smokies are off my radar tucked up under the drink holder like that. Besides, I thought you were going to throw them away a month ago?