Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Friday, October 07, 2011

Hardscape Done

We've finished the hardscape in our front yard landscaping project and it's ready for planting.

Here's one side of the walkway viewed from the front door.  I used the rest of that old saltillo tile that we took out of the house to line the top of the retaining wall so that nothing would grow in there, but I ran out.  Will have to figure out how to get some more or get some other kind of tile.  I already found some on craigslist, but haven't heard back from the seller yet.

The view walking up to the front door.  I planted a low growing Lime Thyme in that flagstone patio area.  Theoretically, the thyme will spread to all the cracks between the stones and will be nicely aromatic when walked on.  It's also supposed to be evergreen and hold up well to foot traffic, not that we walk around in that area much.

This is the other side viewed from the front door.  I already planted two white plumbagos and some lavender trailing lantana about halfway down to the corner of the house.  The lantana in the back yard is growing fantastically, so hopefully these will, too.

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Barbara C. said...

Very pretty!!!