Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New to the Farm

Heeeere's Eddie* (name may be changed in the future to protect the innocent)!

We needed another cat like we needed another hole in our heads, but...he's sort of a rescue.  He came complete, loaded with fleas, worms, and a ringworm patch right in the middle of his forehead.  So, we treated him for the fleas and the worms and put Lotrimin on his head for the ringworm.  He had his vet check a couple of days ago and we got an oral med for the ringworm.  He seriously does not like taking that medicine.

He marches around the barn like a little soldier.


...and fro.

And look at that belly.  Its like he swallowed a tennis ball.

The chickens have already told him, "Don't mess with me, Bud, if you know what's good for you."

"What manner of giant is this?"

Harry just sniffs him carefully and watches him stalking around the barn like he owns the place.  Perhaps Harry is waiting for him to grow up so that he will be a worthy opponent.

*Meagan sort of wanted a name in keeping with our Twilight cat theme, Alice and Jasper.  So, it might be Edward (and, of course, it will be shortened to Eddie), but my niece just named her newborn son Edward.  Is it bad form to knowingly name your animal the same name as a family member?


GoatMilker said...

awww he's cute :).

April said...

he is very cute..and I love the picture of him looking at Harry..like "what you lookin' at? I don't think Jessica will mind..especially since you'd call him Edward or Eddie and that is NOT what she's calling her son.