Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Many Hands Make Light Work

I posted about building the new chicken yard a while back, but we weren't quite finished.  So, while Sister-in-law and Niece came for farm camp week, we put them to work helping us install the half inch hardware cloth.  Man, it sure made the job go a lot faster.  It still took the whole day plus a few man hours (put in by Husband) the next day.

Since the roof is angled on this side, we figured that we could cut one angle, then for the next piece, just flip the hardware cloth around to use the angle we just cut.  The only problem with that was we had to heft the whole roll up onto the roof every other panel.  Whew.  That's was a tough one, but cutting the angle every time is tedious and would waste material.

A rare sighting of this Blogger.

And, Blogger balancing precariously on boards to tack the hardware cloth to the roof over the chicken's herb garden.  The rest of the yard will have a tin roof (waiting for the poles to "cure" before putting on the rest of the roof so that they won't get ripped out and blown away by our frequent high winds), but the herbs will need sun and rain.

It's finished, except for the tin roof.

If I was a chicken, I would want to live here.

I originally was going to just staple the half inch hardware cloth over the 12x4 frame.  But, after some thought, I decided that I might need to dig out old plants or plant new ones at some point.  So, we made these lightweight frames that I can just lift out when I need to.

They quickly caught on to the new entry.

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