Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The Fixer

I really don't know how anyone makes it in life without knowing how to fix stuff, or having someone around who knows how to fix stuff...especially on a farm.  And, I really don't know how it can be that companies have been making farm equipment for so many years, yet they still seem unable to make anything reliable.  Seriously, we can't get through a season without more than one piece of equipment breaking, malfunctioning, or just plain dying...multiple times.

If Tom wasn't capable of fixing nearly anything, we'd spend half our time and all of our money taking equipment to repair shops.

 My mower, which is not very old, stopped working about three or four times this season.  This particular problem happened to be something stemming from a safety feature.  If I get up from the seat, the engine turns off.  It's a good feature because if the mower flipped over with me on it, I sure will be happy that it turns off instead of chopping me into pieces.

However, the sensor isn't in the greatest place.  It's kind of forward under the seat, between my legs.  Somehow, it got out of whack and was sensing that nobody was in the seat, even when I was sitting in it.  Tom insisted that I had lost weight and was now too light for the sensor to sense my weight.  As much as I'd like for that to be true, I knew I hadn't lost weight, so it had to be something else.

Thank goodness Tom could diagnose and fix the problem fairly quickly and I could be on my way.

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