Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hose Hangers

Hoses are a big part of farm life.  Huge.  We have lots of them and use them everywhere.  There's no easy way to store them or tote them, at least, for me there's not.  They're heavy and unwieldy.  We have all kinds of hoses and all kinds of holders and hangers.

We have a couple of these freestanding ones that stake into the ground.  They're OK, but tend to lean forward after a while because of the weight of the hose.

We have this horrible, horrible contraption.  It seems like it would be a good idea...

but, the hose doesn't unwind easily and you never know what kind of wasp nest is going to be up under the lid when you lift it.

We have a few of these.  They pretty much ensure a tangled mess.

Here's one free of it's hose, which is stretched out across the field on stand-by for watering the orchard at the moment.

This one is moderately useful.  It takes a lot of strength to roll it up and drag it around, but at least it has wheels which make transporting it from one spot to another a little easier than carrying the hose.  

This is Tom's compressor hose in the garage.  This hanger is a pretty good design.  

It has a little door in the front that opens up a compartment where he keeps extra nozzles.  Kudos to this hose hanger designer.  Tom has it installed too high for it to be of any use to me.

So, here's the latest and greatest.  I bought them at the flea market, but you can find them on-line.  They're called GeckoToes.  They make them for water hoses, compressor hoses and extension cords.

This is my compressor hose.  I used to keep it in a big plastic bag that zips closed because I want to keep it clean since I drag it through the house for my upholstery projects.  But it's very long and hard to wind up.  It's nice because it hangs pretty flat against the wall and the hanger keeps the hose from getting tangled.  Theoretically, you're supposed to be able to just pop as much length out of the "toes" as you need.  If I find that it gets too dirty hanging there exposed, I'll have to make some sort of cover for it.

I also got one to try out for one of the water hoses.  You can mount them on brick, but it makes me a little squeamish to drill into brick or mortar, especially since our brick is the Antique Chicago brick and has a tendency to crumble.  I just mounted this one on the fence near a spigot.

So far, so good.

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