Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Friday, January 16, 2015


Piglette has grown considerably.  Unfortunately, she is also getting kind of affectionate.  I'm trying not to make a pet of her, but she really seeks out our company.  She's very vocal and wants attention and rubs.

I've never seen a pig snout close up.  It's amazing thing, really.  Somehow that snout can dig big holes.  She can use it almost like a plow.  It feels like rubber to the touch.

She sits like a dog and wants to be petted.  I'm taking pictures from outside the fence because I'm trying to get her to go away from me so I can get a better picture of her.  She won't go away.

It's hard to make eye contact with her because she seems to be always looking down.  It's probably just that her eyes are so little and on the sides of her head.  They can't be seen when you're standing looking down at her.

Pigs have weird long mouths, too.  Sometimes she licks me, which is what she has done here.  In this picture there is a small tusk visible.  I always wonder if she's going to bite me, but she's never tried, even though sometimes she does bite my boots.


Meagan Claire said...

Ugh! I feel so sad for her. Next time, just let the dogs eat it.

Terra said...

She will make a delicious Thanksgiving feast!