Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Successful Trapification and Disposalization

Tom bought a trap and set it up carefully in the barn to catch the skunk that we suspected had taken up residence.  We think it was enjoying the cat's food during the night and cozying up between the barn walls during the day.  So, he baited it with cat food and locked Alice the cat away so she wouldn't spring the trap.

He put a rope on the latch mechanism so that he could open the cage from a distance, and also a rope attached to a broom so he could drag the cage out of the barn if it contained the skunk.  The plan was for him to throw a towel over the top to keep the skunk from spraying, put the cage in the truck, take it to a remote place, then pull the string to open the cage.

Unfortunately, during the night, the skunk pulled all of the rope into the cage and entangled itself.  Tom was able to pull the larger rope, because it was attached to the broom, and drag the cage out of the barn, but he couldn't pull the other one out because it was so tangled with the skunk's feet.  There was no way to open the cage without getting sprayed.

I took on the role of defense attorney and tried to save it's life.  After all, it is a beautiful creature and why does it have to die just because it chose the wrong place to reside?  In the end, though, there was no way to safely free it, so Tom disposed of it...I didn't ask how.


Meagan Claire said...

I hope it's not skunk baby season. Or maybe Alice would find them and raise them?

Mosaics said...

I'm pretty sure it's not baby skunk season, and no, I'm pretty sure that the only way it would be remotely possible for Alice to raise them is if she recently had a litter herself. It's much more likely that she would kill them.