Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Piglette Is Growing

Well, Piglette is growing, but not as fast as I thought she would.  I did a bit of searching on what to feed growing pigs.  Seems, like everything else, everyone has their own opinion on what is best for pigs.  I came across this blog and really identified with the author.  I like her attitude and the way she approached the pig raising.  I figured that feral pigs do just fine on their own without any help from us or special feed, so how could I go wrong?

I settled on a mix of commercial pelleted hog food, cracked corn, and a bit of calf manna.  I had Tom put an automatic feeder in her pen and I keep that filled so she can eat as much as she wants of it.  Each day I give her our leftovers and I boil up a dozen or so eggs and give her one or two a day.

Piglette is playful.  I've seen her out playing with a branch that has fallen into her pasture and she pushes her buckets all around.  She seems to like to hang with the other farm animals when she can.  Sometimes the goats, donkeys, and Pony will go into the alley next to her pen and she will always go running to them and stays as long as they do.  She runs around chasing the guineas when they go into her pen, which is nearly every day, and she likes to play with me when I go to feed her, but I don't indulge her much because...well, I don't need a broken heart when it's time to butcher her.

She loves the boiled eggs.

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