Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kitchen Reno III - Making Things Beautiful

Nephew sanded the floor.
(I should have just painted the rest of that brown living room.)

We had a friend recommend using a product called JimSeal on the wood floor.  On Sunday, I halfway listened to Nephew and Tom talk about it and didn't really give it much thought, assuming Nephew had the same vision for the wood floor as I did.  I awoke on Monday morning to the thought, "JimSeal...GymSeal...GYMseal!?  Oh no, that's a product to seal gymnasium floors!  The floor is going to look like a gymnasium!?"  What a horrible thought.  I could hardly wait for Nephew to wake up so I could text him, "NO GYMSEAL! NO GLOSSY FLOORS!"

Thankfully, he had not sealed the floor yet.  That's the first time I was grateful that something HADN'T been done yet.  Turns out he wasn't using that product anyway, but just to be safe, he returned the semi-gloss product and got a satin.  Phew!

Now, I can relax.
For a moment.
Deadline is looming.

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