Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hazards of the Goat Ranch

Ouch.  This is my leg about five days after evil goat rammed me with her head for no reason whatsoever.

This is evil goat.
Remember her?  The Kiko that was being aggressive this past summer.  She calmed down for a while, so I decided to keep her.  Now I'm beginning to think she'd made a good roast.

See that evil eye and obstinate set of the mouth?

She is a classic example of "biting the hand that feeds her", only she rams instead of bites.  Thank goodness she only used the top of her head and not the tip of her horns.  I'd get rid of her now, except that she's pregnant and I want her kids in the spring.

I can't turn my back to her while I'm feeding the goats and when she gets too close, I bang her on the horns with my metal feed scoop.  That seems to deter her until she gets busy with her food.  It doesn't hurt her, but I think the noise of metal on horn startles her.


WeldrBrat said...

I'm not so sure I'd have the guts to risk having that same demeanor show up in those kids. You got the guts, Girlie! I hate those bruises. The Vet bill for dehorning our little Chondro positive Dexter Bull hurt much less. And they were only about 3" long, then. But when ya' got 2 fat arses trying to get thru the barn door at the same time... yeah. I ended up with a temporary Tattoo of a Dartboard Bulls-eye. LOL

April said...

Man, I'd take her babies and then roast her..LOL What will you do with her kids? Do she produce good milk?

And that is one nasty bruise!

Mosaics said...

The Kiko goat is a meat goat originating from New Zealand feral goats. They're supposed to be hardier than the Boer and not drop dead from parasites. When all but one of our Boer's died of parasites, we decided we'd try the Kiko. This spring will be the first kidding for her and the one other Kiko that we have.

Hopefully, her kids won't be as mean as her, but if they are...no big deal. Since they're meat goats, we slaughter the males and sell the females within the first year.

Meagan Claire said...

I can't believe you'd consider getting rid of her, but keeping Hyacinth, the murderer.