Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Rose Arbor

I planted this rose bush last summer.  It has beautiful tiny red roses on it, but they can't really be seen because the bush tends to grow long branches flat on the ground.  So I decided it needed something to climb on.

It sort of looks like an old English phone booth, but it's not.  It's made of a set of old french doors that I got at the flea market.  Supposedly, it's from a house in Arp, Texas built in 1905.  So the old man told me, but ya' never know with those guys.

Anyway, I bought all the pieces and Jordan assembled it for me.  I broke out all the glass panes and we used the doors for the sides so the rose can, theoretically, climb up, through, and around them.  We used two by fours that we had laying around and Jordan attached the doors at the bottom to the wood so that the arbor would be stable.

I bought these decorative metal pieces (mass produced in Mexico and made to look old) to attach the doors at the tops.

We left the old hardware on, which looks kind of cool.  And I threaded the branches through the spaces where the glass used to be.

I love it and as the rose bush grows up and arches through it, it will be even better.

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