Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Little Things

Things have calmed down around here for me.  Milking season is upon me.  I have my early morning routine with that, then the goats are out to pasture for the rest of the day.  We use about a quart of milk a day, but I've been getting enough milk so that I have a few gallons stored in the freezers.

The garden is well under way and only requires weeding here and there rather than intensive weeding every day.  So, I now have time for the little things.

Every year we have some kind of bird build a nest and raise a family in the ferns that I hang on the front porch.  This year it is a Cardinal couple and they built the nest so that we can see everything from the kitchen window.  The mother doesn't seem to mind being eye-to-eye with me as she sits on the nest and goes about her business tending the hatchlings.  I took a picture of the babies while the mother was away today.

It's amazing how such ugly little creatures can morph into beautiful red birds.

Red Yucca blooms.
None of the yucca around here bloomed last year, but this year all the big white wild yuccas are blooming and my red yucca in a pot is blooming like crazy.  I tried to grow some of this from its seeds last year, but was not successful.  Will try again this year I think.  I'd like to have enough to do a big planting by the front gate some day because it's so pretty in mass plantings.

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