Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Monday, January 09, 2012


I've been searching for a gentle pony for the grandkids to ride when they come visit.  Finally found this little one.  She's very gentle and I'm hoping she'll be a good horse for little ones.  I'm going to work with her a while to get a feel for how she'll be.  She's cute as she can be and when I go out there she comes running to me and follows me around.  She's wet in this picture because It rained all night and she's been standing out in it even though she has a shelter.  I hope she didn't stand out there all night, although rain doesn't really seem to bother horses.  She's very interested in the goats and donkeys and the neighbor's horses so she's standing out there looking at them all.  She even found the hole that we cut in the fencing for the goats to get through and eat the grass in the alley between the pastures.  That's where she was this morning when I went out to make my feed rounds.

She's actually a miniature horse rather than a pony, but who wants to tell the grandkids, "I got you a miniature horse!"?Sounds so much more fun to say "pony".

Now I just need to talk Tom into building me a round pen to work her in.  He thinks she's cute, so maybe he won't be hard to persuade.


Meagan Claire said...

Maybe that's why I thought she looked funny - because she's a mini horse and not a pony!

April said...

what is her name? She needs a friend :o)

Mosaics said...

Her registered name is Rapidash and she's called Rapi. I think at this late date (she's 10) we shouldn't change her name. Although, so far we just call her "Pony".