Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm Back, Cyberfriends

Just when I thought I was going to coast through the rest of the summer painting and napping, my daughter went and got herself engaged and set the date for October.  So, there will be no napping for the next two months.

The mother-in-law needed a picture to put in their city's newspaper, so I was elected to do some quick snapshots.  Now, I've never claimed to be a photographer, but I have a really nice camera with lots of fancy features that I don't know how to use, so I gave it the old college try.

I took about 20-25 pictures, then transferred them to the computer and told Meagan to go through them and delete the ones she didn't like and send the one she wanted to her mother-in-law to be.  When I came back to check on her progress, she had deleted all but one.  Well, I didn't think I was THAT bad of a photographer.

Luckily, I hadn't deleted them from the camera and was able to load them back on my computer for my own use.
It was my wacky idea to stand by the tree.  Somebody shoot me before I get any more ideas.

It was only about 103 degrees and poor Drew has a suitcoat on, but he was a trooper.  I think turnabout is fair play, don't you?  Women have to freeze in most public places and formal events with cold air blowing up and around their sleeveless dresses so men can be comfortable with their jackets on. 

"Look natural," I say.

Now we're getting somewhere.


What a guy will do for love.


**Click on pics to get a better look and especially to see the ring**

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