Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Welcome to Legal Tender Farm

Friday, July 08, 2011

Racoon Ragdolls

I heard Harry barking out back the other night.  Then that morning, while walking the path to the barn, I noticed Harry looking up in a tree, so I looked, too.  There were four or five baby racoons sleeping in the branches. 

This isn't a good picture, but that's really what they looked like - a hairy wad.  I never would have seen them if I hadn't looked really hard.  I thought at first that it was one large racoon and one baby up on a higher branch, but when I came back and looked later, they had spread out.  There was no mother, so these are probably the babies of the racoon that was killed a few days ago.

This is the baby that was in a higher branch.  After they all spread out, their little heads and limbs were just dangling from the branches and it looked like someone had tossed a handful of rag dolls up into the tree, snagging them on the branches.

So cute, but probably future trouble.

They were gone by 10:30 that morning, but they must have climbed from branch to branch to other trees.  I know they didn't come down because Harry stood guard at the base of the tree all morning.

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